Kenmore Vacuum Parts Model 116: Cleaning And Disassembling

Have you any trouble about Kenmore vacuum parts model 116 and you don’t feel in control? If the answer is yes, this is the proper time to be educated in these matters. Knowing a thing or two can be a lot helpful during emergencies.
Sometimes, it is our being complacent about little things that gives us big worries. Little things such as disassembling and cleaning the washing machine may cause us difficulty or worse, may lead to the machine having to be replaced.

Avoid Wasting Money
We know that some of our hard-earned money goes to appliance repairs. It is a must that we avoid these little emergency expenses. Knowing how to properly care for our appliances can make us save or cut down expense on repairs and replacement parts.
Do you know how to clean the machine? Do you know how to disassemble it? Do you really make it a point to seriously read the manual? Simple knowledge about these can keep us from wasting money.

Kenmore Vacuum Parts Model 116: How To Disassemble
You need to disassemble the vacuum cleaner for reasons such as storage and sale. Breaking the parts apart reduces the space needed for storing, packaging or shipping. The Kenmore 116 vacuum cleaner model is made up of three major parts: a suction hose, a canister with wheels and the Power-Mate wand.

Follow These Steps:
The wand has three smaller parts hooked together. Break each connection by pressing the release button and gently twisting each part away.
There is a latch connecting the canister and the suction hose. Pinch that latch. Roll the hose and tie it firmly – just enough to keep the hose from unrolling.
There is one more latch on the canister. Pressing this latch will open the canister. Inside, you can see the vacuum bag, which you have to discard. Close the canister.
There is a button for cord storage. Hold it down. This will automatically pull the cord and roll the cord inside.

Kenmore Vacuum Parts Model 116: How To Clean
A dirty vacuum cleaner doesn’t work effectively. It spreads filth around rather than tidy the house. And when there’s dust accumulation inside, it can damage the belt and the motor. Clean your vacuum often.
This is how:
Brush away dirt, hair strands, lint and strings from the canister’s interior, the wand, and the hose.
Get to the exhaust filter cartridge. This filter should be thrown away if it is smudged with dirt. Don’t wash the filter. Replace it.
Have liquid detergent that’s mild and then mix it with water. Wipe the disassembled parts and the canister’s exterior with this solution.
Use fresh cloth to dry.

Warnings And Tips
Remember to do the following:
Make sure that all parts of the vacuum are 100% dry before using.
Dirt particles can clog the filter, which can cause bursting. Let me repeat. Don’t use a dirty filter again.
Home matters are serious matters. Do not take for granted little things such as knowing seriously Kenmore vacuum parts model 116 and the right way to care for them.